Professional craftsmen and DIY-ers test Defog It: Confirm fog-free vision for safety eyewear

Posted by Michelle Tucker

Apr 16, 2012 8:00:00 AM


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printable versionWorkers in construction, welding, HVAC, woodworking field test Defog It
Members of the 750,000-person Handyman Club of America tested Defog It anti-fog towelettes for safety glasses, safety goggles, faceshields and eyeglasses. Club members, who include DIY-ers and professionals, put them to work on the jobsite and in their home workshops.

Defog It exceeds standards for performance, ease of use and convenience
86% of Handyman Club users would recommend Clarity Defog It anti-fog protection to a friend, many citing its high performance in demanding work situations.

  • “Usually when I use a dust mask I get extensive fogging on my goggles. After using Clarity Defog It Dry Towelettes the goggles did not fog up at all.”
  •  “I used Defog It on my glasses in my forge shop and never had any of the normal fogging of lenses that I normally have. It is easy to use.”
  • “Works great. Used on my shop glasses which always seem to fog over when I am working hard. After using this product, no more fogging.”
  • “Since I wear a face mask when working on my lathe, I used to fog my glasses. With this product I have had no problems with fogging.”
  • “As a MOV/AOV technician that works at nuclear power plants all over the country, I would have to say they work great. We are provided with anti fog spray and wipes at all sites. The Clarity Defog It product worked better for me than did the anti fog product provided for us.”


Formulated to preserve clear vision for worker safety
Clarity Defog It anti-fog towelettes and anti-fog liquid are the anti-fog solution that’s safe and effective on the lenses of all safety glasses, goggles, faceshields, eyeglasses and optics, even Defog It productsthose with anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic surfaces. A single application can keep optics fog-free up to all day.
The Defog It fog prevention formula is used by the military around the world for optics in vision-critical situations and its performance has been proven in rigorous lab tests.

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