OSHA and Mine Safety Training Company sees results with Defog It Anti Fog

Posted by Michelle Tucker

Apr 3, 2012 9:00:00 AM



printable versionThe work environment: high heat, high humidity, heavy exertion.
North Georgia Safety Training Institute in Tate, Georgia, offers both OSHA general safety and MSHA mine safety training. Founder Jerry Daniels’ clients include regional companies and multinationals that send global safety supervisors to his Georgia courses.

After reading about Defog It anti fog in a trade journal, Daniels requested samples. His first step was to put them through the torture test of the South’s blistering heat and humidity.

The results: “One cloth for five men…they too became convinced.”
"I used one cloth yesterday at a surface open pit dimension stone quarry in Georgia. One cloth for five men, and they too became convinced. The temp was 92 degrees with high humidity. Hours later, I went back and checked on them. They were very pleased with the fact they did not have to remove their glasses repeatedly on account of the constant fogging of the lenses."

Next step: how anti fog can increase safety eyewear compliance.
Says Daniels, “Safety is behavior based and addressing environmental factors as well as human ones is part of building a safety culture.” He demonstrated that insight – and Defog It’s performance – in another training session with safety engineers from a global construction company. He put on his helmet, but left his safety goggles dangling from the strap around his neck. He then asked the class why workers don’t put on goggles. The class offered up several ideas, including this one: “Because they keep fogging up on me!"

That’s when Daniels had five volunteers use a Defog It reusable anti fog cloth on their own safety eyewear. Then they tested Defog It-treated lenses over hot steam. “We got boiling water from the company kitchen and held the glasses over them. None of the glasses fogged up. It was impressive.”

“If people aren’t wearing safety glasses, do an audit,” emphasizes Daniels. He adds that it’s a matter of breaking down the issues. “Does eyewear fit? Is it comfortable? Scratched? Is it hard to get replacements? What about fogging?” He concludes, “If fogging is a problem, you can solve it and you’ll have a safer workplace.”

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