March, 2012 Defog It Examiner, 2 opportunities for you to SEE Defog It working.

Posted by Michelle Tucker

Mar 26, 2012 11:15:00 AM

March 2012
See for yourself. Defog It working in action!
The team at Defog It will be exhibiting at two trade shows during March.


Don't miss these eye safety tips! man in safety glasses
Our friends at Occupational Health and Safety Magazine offer valuable information - from how to choose the right eye safety products to how to create a leadership safety attitude.

Plus, be sure that you don't miss the section on hazzard assessment, including the Five Fogging Danger Zones.

The American Optometric Association declares March as Save Your Vision Month.

Man at computer Overall eye health is just as important as vision safety. The American Optometric Association wants to be sure that you practice healthy vision at the computer. See the symptoms of computer vision syndrome and learn ways to prevent it.

Computer Vision Syndrome

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