Defog It Anti Fog Keeps Utility Workers Nationwide Seeing Safe

Posted by Michelle Tucker

Feb 20, 2012 10:00:00 AM



printable versionUtility workers face some of the toughest work environments imaginable – situations that make fogged eyewear a constant hazard. Workers in power plants face high grueling heat, day in and day out. For line personnel, mid-day heat, chilling temperatures, muggy days and rainy dampness are part of the everyday expectations.

The Results: “It will surprise you as it did me!”
Utilities across the country tested Defog It antifog in their search for a solution. The results? Users and safety directors say it best:

  • “At first I was skeptical of the Clarity Defog It... But when I tried them I was shocked that when working in 100+ degree temperatures in a power plant boiler my glasses did not fog up. To anyone out there with a similar problem, you definitely have to try this product. It will surprise you as it did me!” – Oscar B, power plant worker

  • “[Our utility] uses the Clarity Defog It towelettes on our safety glasses and shields for the purpose of preventing fogging, and has been pleased with the performance of the product.” – Mark G, Pennsylvania utility safety director

  • “As an MOV/AOV technician that works at nuclear power plants all over the country, I would have to say they work great. The Clarity Defog It product worked better for me than did the anti fog product provided for us. We can go from hot (containment) to cool (control room) -- and not wearing safety gear at a nuclear plant isn’t an option.” – Ben, nuclear power plant worker

Clarity Defog It Anti Fog ProductsThe Promise: It works.
The Clarity Defog It anti fog formula is used by the military around the world to prevent fogged eyewear in vision-critical situations. It’s been rigorously tested for performance. In one test, a lens treated with Defog It was held over constant hot steam for 60 minutes without fog forming. Similar products failed in as little as 5 minutes. In another test, lenses coated with Clarity Defog It were moved between cold and hot environments 100 times without fog forming.
Clarity Defog It anti fog is safe and effective on safety glasses, safety goggles, faceshields and eyeglasses, even high-tech anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic lenses.

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